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I am a lead software engineer with functional programming and leadership experience, with strong focus on software quality and maintainable code design.

Future Finance

Principal Software Engineer, Chicago, IL [ Sept. 2018 - Present ]

Created a loan amortization schedule application
Created a loan amortization schedule application in Haskell. Added the necessary connecting code to our Rails API app, that mediated between the SQL Server legacy database and our Haskell service.
Led an in-house intro to Haskell course
Leveraged my own learning project, Haskell Katas to teach introductory Haskell to other engineers at the company.
Tech stack:
Haskell, Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

Kenna Security

Principal Software Engineer, Chicago, IL [ Nov. 2015 - Aug. 2018 ]

Explored Redshift as a data warehouse solution
Evaluated AWS Redshift for our data warehouse needs. Designed a star schema with its ELT process, researched window functions to create time-series data. Created a Go application to calculate surrogate keys and built a local build process for automated testing.
Implemented database sharding
I unlocked my employer's unlimited growth potential by researching, designing and implementing database sharding. Led a team of 4 engineers, we delivered our goals without slowing down app development. Built a fast, multi-threaded ETL to transfer existing clients' data into the sharded databases. Designed and built monitoring tools for the different schemas to keep them in sync.
Designed and implemented the company's data importer application
Removed duplicated logic and enhanced performance of our data-import workflows by creating a two-step solution: it imports data from various data sources and puts it into a structured document first, then it uses this payload to save data into various data stores. The open source Ruby workflow tool I authored - LightService - is used for these applications. Achieved 99%+ test coverage, continuous deployment and rapid implementation for new data sources.
Shifted the company's code from monolith to microservices
Extracted the data importer application into a queue-based asynchronous Ruby app, moved shared logic into an internal gem.
Tech stack:
Ruby, Go(lang), JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, RDS/MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redshift, AWS Lambda, Docker, Resque, Sidekiq, gRPC


Chief Technology Officer, Chicago, IL [ Feb. 2013 - Sep. 2015 ]

"Brought home" the company's application from external contractors
As the company's first software engineer, I took over the project from external contractors. I maintained and enhanced it until the engineering team was able to take it over.
Built a team of 12 engineers
I hired and managed front-end, back-end, QA and site reliability engineers. Set up engineering metrics to monitor our application performance and our delivery. Crafted Engineering Core Values and made sure the team adhered to those.
Led the application's refactoring and quality improvement effort
Improved code quality by extracting business logic into Rails-independent service object. Added unit and Gherkin-based acceptance tests to the project, set up build process.
Organized and led the company's Research and Development Department
Led the designed of an Enterprise Data Warehouse to synchronize data between various data sources. I researched and created our company's API layer, built its documentation and created a client application for easier API implementation.
Tech stack:
Ruby, Clojure, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Resque

Other Work Experience

I helped Intuit - MRI Software with their new application development. I led a team that developed a Business Intelligence tool by crafting dynamic SQL scripts with the help of NVelocity templates.

I worked for Progressive Insurance as a lead software engineer. I led the development of converting a mainframe data store to client/server architecture, trained co-workers on object-oriented application development. I also worked on their policy issuance system that was the largest software development effort in the company's history.

"Blowin' Up Your Database" talk at the Ruby User Group - Chicago, IL [ Mar. 3, 2018 ]
Described how we split our customers' data into smaller, sharded databases.
"Simple and Elegant Rails Code with Functional Style" talk at RailsConf 2013 - Portland, OR [ Apr. 29, 2013 ]
This talk was recorded by Confreaks and can be viewed on my blog.
MS degree with a Dual-Major of Computer Science and Economics, graduated in 2000

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